Beyond The Lens

Beyond The Lens! is where entertainment and technology collide! We call it Techno-Tainment™. Home to Pigeon Forge’s newest attraction, FlyRide. This amazing sensory experience gives you the immersive feeling of flight as you soar over 22 national landmarks!

The exhibits at Beyond The Lens! will have you engaging in fun interactive gaming and trivia, including 2-minute escape rooms, virtual reality games, and an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Dive into the alien egg ball pit and Hunt for Bigfoot.

You will capture incredible photo opportunities in our popular Selfie Gallery where you can appear to levitate from a bed, escape the deadly bite of a dinosaur or become a life-size Barbie Doll or G.I. Joe doll. Other photo ops include holding your own press briefing in the White House Press or taking a selfie on a $50 million stack of cash. All these memories will have you sharing and laughing for years to come!

Come experience Techno-Tainment™ at Beyond The Lens! featuring FlyRide!