Rocky Top K9

Training, Fitness, & More - We Train Dogs and Coach Owners.

We are licensed & insured - compassionate, animal lovers with experience in specialty training. We want to help you enrich your life with your dog through personal obedience training. With over 22 years of dog training experience, and for over 5 years serving the pets and families of our local area. We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships with our clients. We provide more than just training for your pet, we like to personalize each visit because each dog & client are unique.

There's not just one method of training that fits all dogs and we understand this. That's why we will work with you to find the best training method for your circumstances. You can be assured that we are here for you and your dog will always be treated as if they were our own, receiving the highest quality care during our sessions or when in our care. Our goal is to form support and an on-going connection with you and your pet, one that goes beyond your chosen training program.

Hesitant about hiring a professional dog trainer? Think of it as an investment, bringing a calm and enjoyment for the life of your dog. Do you have trouble controlling your dog? Do you avoid taking him out in public for fear of how he will react? Does she not listen to you, or is she pulling and dragging you while on leash? Is he dog or people aggressive? Or is there any unwanted negative behavior? Or did you just get a puppy and you want to make sure you start your new friend out right? We essentially not only train the dog but also work with the owner in providing the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the training and dog’s behaviors.

We work with you, the owner, on an individual, personal, and case by case basis so that you and your dog will have a better home life and you will be a proud pet parent of a well-behaved dog when out in public. The freedom the dogs receive is a wonderful thing, you will see it in their eyes and in their attitude. You too will enjoy this freedom just as much.

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