Up N' Adam Adventures

Up ‘n Adam Adventures, we Chase sunrise!

Yes that’s right we are all named Adam. Three friends born in three different decades sharing several things in common. We all love to hike, we love to take photos, and we Love the Smokies. It’s these things that brought us together and on the Trail is where our friendships were born. To avoid confusion, we gave each other Trail Names. Oz, Hoss, and Pops. Mesh them together and say them fast you have a German Breakfast Cereal.

Because we Love the Smokies we decided to share that love. Thus Up N’ Adam Adventures was Born. We share our adventures thru our social media platforms. If you need some Smoky Mountain love we sale Landscape print. Additionally, we offer Adventure Photography, and if you own an outdoor product brand we provide in field product photography. We appreciate all who follow along and hope to see you on the trail.