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Mar 12
The ‘queen of country’ has high hopes for Dollywood’s 39th season

Dolly Parton is continuing to add to her theme park, known as Dollywood. The biggest additions for their 39th season is what will be known as the Dolly Parton Experience, which is expected to be complete by May 24

Mar 15
Mimi’s Gas Station Coffee in Sevierville is the Stop you Need to Make on your Trip to the Smokies!

by: Amber Lynn Carroll Posted: Mar 14, 2024 / 07:53 AM EDT Updated: Mar 14, 2024 / 07:53 AM EDT  If you’re heading to the Smokies or out for a weekend in Gatlinburg, you might pass right by a little spot in Sevierville, Tenn. just outside and in the parking lot of Smoky Mountain Knife Works. You have […]

Mar 14
XPERIA Ocean Journey, Attraction in Sevierville TN

The XPERIA: Ocean Journey is an up-close, hyper-real experience in Sevierville, Tennessee and combines innovative digital technologies and immersive storytelling to take participants on a journey to explore fascinating areas of the ocean and interact with some of the most amazing sea creatures, without having to go to the ocean.

Mar 13
Wilderness at the Smokies Rolling Out New Additions, Renovations and Experiences for 2024

Wilderness at the Smokies has expanded and renovated its indoor Wild WaterDome waterpark! Guests can experience new attractions like a three-story water coaster called the Ridge Runner.

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